5 Essential Elements for a Winning Strategic Plan

Developing a successful strategic plan requires careful analysis and consideration of a variety of factors. To ensure that your plan is effective, it must include five essential elements: analysis of the current state of the district, setting of main KPIs, planning of actions and development of innovative models, identification of core values, and staging and rhythm. It is important to begin by analyzing the current state of the district. This will provide an understanding of where the organization is currently and what needs to be done to reach desired goals.

Once this is done, it is necessary to establish an action and execution plan. This plan should include setting main Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). When writing KPIs, it is important to make sure that they accurately reflect what success means in each area of focus and that they can be measured accurately on a regular basis. The next step is to plan actions and develop innovative models to determine what is needed to get where you want to go.

This will involve determining what organizational capabilities (systems, tools, processes, people and technologies) are needed to reach destination points. Additionally, objectives and individual and team responsibilities should be set in order to link the big picture to individual objectives and competencies. Identifying core values is also an essential component of defining the starting point and journey. Core values should be established in order to ensure that the organization remains focused on its mission and vision.

Staging and rhythm are also important elements of strategic planning. This refers to the timing and speed of strategic movements, as well as the focus areas which describe how the organization will achieve its vision and serve as the basis for most strategic objectives and KPIs. Finally, vehicles are an important element of strategic planning. This refers to the means used to participate in specific areas such as alliances, organic growth or acquisitions.

All these elements must be taken into account when developing a successful strategic plan.